Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here's us.

It has got to be in the top ten most ridiculous things in the world in that my good, dear friend and I are perpetually separated by the largest sea in the world. Luckily this makes up the majority of difference in our personhood, seeing as otherwise our husbands both wear beards, neither can handle animals in costume, both exercise uninhibited (and widely misunderstood) kiwi humor, as well as sharing an affinity for anything folk, woodsy, or, more exceedingly on my part – sexy-not-dirty-hippy-earth momma. Clearly, clearly separated at birth. Most importantly to you, dear reader, is the relating to be had in our mutual pursuit and frustrations to become who we are…

…Whoever that may be(?). But that's where each other comes in – and hence the launch of: Cicadas and Katydids. An opportunity for you, dear reader(s), to follow our fledgling leap along the road to self-livelihood through mutual love of creation, procrastination, and the ability to kick each others ass when they're being ridiculous and slack and freaking out over the latest Etsy showcase.

So here is me:

Kate : of Good Morning Kumara! An American living in New Zealand, scratching out a creative living in the midst of domesticity through revamp for other young mommas like her who refuse to shell out $40+ for something insanely gorgeous but just ending up being desecrated by various forms of bodily function and outgrown within whaaaat! 3 weeks! Are you serious?! Also for the sexy-not-dirty-hippy-earth momma type who cannot bring themselves to ridicule their future budding Amnesty International lawyer in something pink and sailor-suit-ish

Along with....

Becka: of Bliss In A Teacup, a kiwi living in Canada, endeavouring to be my own boss, live authentically, sustainably, compassionately and creatively (without being pretentious and always making time for karaoke booths and jelly-tip ice cream) and make what I love, what I do. Lover of all things thrifted, scandinavian, old quilts, vinyl and tea. Secret lover of trainwreck tv (on youtube, we don't actually have a tv thank goodness), smarties (the american candy) and fries with aoli. Ok, not so secret. Knitting is my craft of choice, with sewing, embroidery and now dabbling in some pen and ink drawing thrown in for good measure.